Little Things You Need to Know About Dating Japanese Women

In one way or another beautiful and sexy Japanese woman caught your attention and from there you wanted to learn everything about dating Japanese women. In the hope that your Japanese girl would reciprocate your attraction to her, you tried to make an eye contact. And when she finally looked your way, she immediately averts it. At last, you got the signal that you can approach her when she looked at you too. After gaining all the confidence, you decided to get closer to her. Lo and behold, she declined your advances and worst is she tried to run away shrieking. You really got confused on her reactions because you have presumed that you have received the signal that she is ready for you. Sad to say, the signal that you saw were applicable only for Western ladies and not for Japanese women. If you really want to have an Asian girlfriend particularly Japanese woman as your partner, you need to learn more about their dating culture.

 There is no precise trick on how to fully understand the attitude of Japanese women, you need to know some pointers that would prevent you from committing mistakes especially on your first date. The culture may be changing, but generally a direct eye to eye contact is considered as a rude action in the Japanese culture. You also need to be ready because Japanese women have the tendency to scrutinize your from top to bottom. Better choose the right words to say, the right mannerisms and the most appropriate way to dress up.

 If you are a foreign guy and would love to have a cute Japanese girlfriend or wife, you need to exert an extra effort to get her attention. Learning the Japanese language or even just few phrases will attract a lot of hot and single Japanese women. The communication barrier could be the biggest obstacle between you and your Japanese girl first date. Most Japanese women hardly understand and speak good English, if they do it is either poor or too difficult to comprehend.

 If you are a foreigner and want to have Japanese women as your dates, you may want to hang out in bars and discos. You will see a lot of single hot Asian women particularly Japanese women in these places. Most Japanese women who hang out in bars and discos are friendly and a lot more liberated. It is very rare to see conservative Japanese women hanging out in clubs, discos and bars.

 If you want to catch a Japanese woman’s attention you have to be confident and a bit loud too. Japanese women are looking for the opposite of Japanese men because they are generally shy and reserved. Act as confident as possible and speak loud too, and you would surely catch the attention of a cute Japanese girl. In less than 10 seconds, there will be a lot of Japanese women who are very eager to check out who is that loud guy.

 Asian dating services are also a great venue to meet hot and sexy Japanese women. During your first date with an Asian woman, you have to do it right the first time. Although she is not an American, it does not mean that she is stupid or ignorant. An inter-culture dating is quite challenging and very trick too. But as long as you are willing to learn about another culture other than yours then it means that dating Japanese women would be a lot easier too.

Important Things to Know When Dating Korean Women

Most Western guys find Korean women very attractive but there are important things that you need to know when dating Korean women. Similar to dating women from other Asian countries, women from Korean have their own set of culture and traditions that guys need to be aware of. Aside from the physical appearance, there are other reasons why men get attracted to Korean women.


Korean women have certain qualities that you cannot find among any other hot Asian women. One of which is being conservative and shy, Korean women feel uncomfortable to display their affection in public. In fact, you would hardly see Korean women holding hands or kissing their date in public. Getting too intimate during your first date is something that guys should do when dating Korean women. Such kind of behavior is not accepted in their culture and is a sign of disrespect to their families.


Guys decide to date Korean women because of their submissiveness, but not all Korean women share this kind of attitude. Culturally speaking, men are considered as the dominating species and women are generally expected to obey and follow their partners. Although they appear to be very delicate and fragile, this is not always the case. Looks can be deceiving, your soft-spoken and very gentle Korean date may surprise you in the long run.


Korean women are proud of their heritage and traditions. They take pride of their geography, education and their very sumptuous Korean food. Expressing how you enjoy eating Kimchi will definitely impress your Korean girl. However, be careful not to joke about the Korean culture and Asian culture as a whole. Although she may laugh on every jokes you crack, it does not necessarily mean that she is okay with it.


Many men believe that Korean women are more affectionate rather than intimate. However, this is certainly not true because Korean women seek intimacy too. Korean women simply restricted to display or be vocal about their sexual desires or else she will be in big trouble. There are several hot Korean women that you can find in various Asian dating services that is why Western guys find them very attractive.


A first date with a Korean lady has the possibility to become a lasting relationship. It is also advisable that if you feel that your partner lacks that qualities that you require for an ideal wife, then you need to have a mutual decision whether to continue the relationship or not. A simple dating relationship may result to marriage if it is approved by the parents and if you have followed some of the dating Asian Women tips. If you want a foreign bride like a Korean lady, then you have to let her parents arrange your first day if you want it to end up in marriage.



A good night is not a part of a date with Korean women which is very much unlike in the Western culture. No matter how much your date enjoyed spending time with you, do not expect a good night kiss as a reward. It is not a common practice in the Korean culture. During your first few dates, it is normal for Korean women to bring along a friend with her to join you in your dates. If the aim of your first date is to have a serious relationship, then you need to gather all the useful information you can get when it comes to dating Korean women.

All about Dating Asian Women Tips: Which Asian Women is the Best Date

There is a growing interest among Western guys about dating Asian women; hence these dating Asian women tips will guide you in choosing the best one to date. What started out as simple dating may eventually end up in marriage; most Western men marry women from Philippines, Japan, China and Thailand. Although there is a vast difference between Western and Asian culture, it would not stop these guys from getting to these Asian women. The only question that needs to be answered is which among these Asian women are the best to date and marry?

 Dating Filipina Women

A lot of Western guys find women from the Philippines to be very attractive, they are probably one of the popular choice for an Asian wife. This is because Filipinas are capable of understanding and speaking good English. There would be lesser issues when it comes to communication because they can both easily each other. Majority of Filipina women are Christians because Philippines is a Christian country. This is something that you must consider most especially if religion plays a vital role in your relationship.

 Dating Japanese Women

Among these Asian singles, the Japanese women possess the most Westernized outlook. This is because most Japanese women travel to various countries overseas and they have learned more about the Western culture. If you are an American guy, then it would be easy to find a Japanese woman for a date and wife. Since Japanese women are fairly financial stable, you are assured that they would not have a relationship with you because of economic reasons. In order to get the chance to date Japanese women, you must live and work in Japan.

 Dating Chinese Women

Chinese women appears to be shy and submissive, this is probably the reason why a lot of Western guys find them to be attractive. The truth is most Chinese women that you see on dating sites are well-educated and are independent women too. You would also rarely find Chinese women who smoke and drink alcohol too. It is not also rare to see older Chinese women to still possess a beautiful and young skin.

 Dating Thai Women

Most Western guys also seek to have Thai women as their dates and eventually their wives. But you have to consider that there is a big difference between Thai and Western culture. If you really are serious about dating a Thai woman, you should be aware on what things are accepted in their culture and those which are not. The first thing you need to know is not to bring them in bars or disco during your first date because Thai women are generally conservative type. If she comes in your date with her friend, do not be surprised too because they usually bring a friend along on the first few dates.

 Going out on a date with someone from literally world’s apart would take a lot of adjustment too. Your date will be impressed if you learn even a few words from their language. The families play an important role for most Asian women, so it is appropriate to pay respect to their elders. If you eventually want to a serious relationship with Asian woman then it would help a lot if you follow any of the dating Asian women tips.